K100 Shower Track


The rigid, high-grade aluminium track section and maintenance-free, wheeled roller hooks are just an introduction to the K100 shower track system. Designed to give years of trouble-free service and specifically for high-risk mental health areas, this shower track system uses magnetic wall-fix brackets where the tracks meet the wall, and magnetic top-fix brackets where suspension hangers meet the ceiling. This ensures that, under excess load, the suspension hanger separates from the ceiling bracket leaving no remaining points of ligature - a highly essential safety feature, as it is surprisingly easy to attach a cord to a fixed vertical rod and use it as a ligature point.

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Strength and simplicity make the K100 the first choice for a full number of applications. The maintenance-free, premium quality track system has a strong and attractive aluminium profile which offers you more for less, in that it is able to span 2.5 metres between hangers, providing long term reliability. In a similar fashion, curtain removal points are provided as standard on every track for added convenience when replacing curtains. The self-lubricating roller runner hooks are quickly loaded into the track through this point of access, making the process easy. Mounted on magnetic brackets for 100% fail-safe anti-ligature functionality.

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