K9500 Flexible Window Curtain Track


The K9500 flexible window curtain track has been developed in response to UK Government requirements and is constructed from a specially formulated plastic which is lightweight and strong. It utilises self-lubricating gliders for ease of use in all hand-drawn curtain applications. Tests have shown that for anti-ligature purposes, it is most important that the complete track collapses leaving no point of ligature. Even where a fixed track provides no ligature points, heavy weights can be suspended from the curtains which in turn is a serious potential risk. With the K9500 the track and curtain together will part from the brackets under abnormal load and can then be simply and quickly reinstated. Only for use with lightweight curtains and where the risk of violence precludes the use of the standard K6200 aluminium track.

Product Info


Developed from a specially formulated plastic construction the K9500 is specially designed to be flexible enough to prevent its use as a weapon by prisoners or violent psychiatric patients. It is also shatter resistant to reduce the risk of sharp edges if deliberately broken. Suitable for lightweight curtain usage, and an excellent alternative to aluminium tracks when the threat of violence restricts usage of metal products. Offering both wall-fix and top-fix options to blend in well with any environment whilst remaining pleasing to the eye, this white flexible plastic window curtain track with special low friction gliders satisfies the most demanding of environments, whether it be residential or commercial. Secured by magnetic brackets for 100% fail-safe anti-ligature functionality and in use in many mental health environments worldwide.

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