R20B Low Voltage Battery 7.4v DC


The R20B electric roller blind comes with a low voltage battery motor as standard. The white metal brackets have plastic covers, for face or top fixing, on 40mm grooved aluminium barrel. The barrel houses a 7.4v DC motor with electronic limit stops and a slow stop/start feature. The motor is controlled by a remote switch (not supplied) and can be charged by either a mains charger (one supplied per order) or solar panel. The fabric is locked into a groove in the barrel, and it features a white plastic bottom bar as standard. The bottom bar is fabric covered at the front.

Product Info


A slim, reasonably priced blind with true fingertip control makes the R20B a perfect choice for motorised requirements. Its quiet and reliable motor houses a receiver, and simple radio control options operate the blind effortlessly. The barrel is supported by sturdy, metal brackets that come with plastic covers, improving their aesthetic appeal. The motor is charged either by a charger or a solar panel, making this easiest blinds to own and operate. The fabric is locked into the barrel and bottom bar and will give years of trouble-free use.

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