R54 Heavy Duty Crank


The R54 crank control roller blind features a heavy duty 1:3 crank mechanism for effective operation of large blinds. Operated by a magnetic detachable crank handle, and accommodating robust grooved aluminium barrel, this system is built to last. Choose from white plastic covered brackets or metal brackets for face or top fixing, and with 53mm or 70mm grooved aluminium barrel, depending on blind size and fabric weight. The fabric is locked into a groove in the barrel, and features a white Tear Drop aluminium bottom bar as standard.

Product Info


The strongest manual control blind from the range. The R54 is designed to cope, and built to last. The fabric is located in the groove in such a way that, although it cannot be pulled out, it may be slid out sideways for easy repair or replacement of the blind cover. The removable crank means that the blind cannot be tampered with by unauthorised personnel. Ideal for situations when a large blind size is required, or when vandal-resistance is a priority.

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