Wire Side-guiding System

The wire side-guiding system was developed to ensure that roller blinds could be kept in a closed position regardless of the forces of gravity or movement of air around it. The rotatable bottom bar end-cap adaptor is held securely to the stainless steel wire, which provides the robust positioning mechanism; this, in turn, is held under tension by a metal bezel.

Product Info


Developed to ensure a higher level of tamper resistance to roller blinds throughout the portfolio, this side-guiding system prevents the hanging bottom bar from excessive movement, either by air movement or people around it. This helps to increase the longevity of roller blinds in high usage areas and is specified regularly in the education, healthcare and commercial office environment sectors. This wire side-­guiding system offers a barely-noticeable solution for use in almost every application, and compliments the Tear Drop bottom bar option perfectly.

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