300 Telescopic Divider Rail


The 300 telescopic divider rail has a high-grade, yet lightweight aluminium wall mounted rail as standard. Folding mechanism utilises aluminium components for long-term reliability. The curtain arm is adjustable in length up to 2100mm depending on model. Curtains are mounted to the rail by large plastic loops for ease of application.

Product Info


300 is designed specifically for doctors surgeries, hospitals, and other healthcare institutes where space and privacy needs conflict, or where a fixed track is not felt suitable. This unique system revolutionises space utilisation and caters for overhead hoists and other lifting equipment. The system comprises of a telescopic divider rail with light weight flame retardant curtains, that can go from its almost unseen closed position against the wall, to a full screen in 10 seconds. By having the choice of length of telescopic arms along with colours of curtains, ensures the product fits well within its environment.

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