Glydea™ is a high performance electric curtain track powered by Somfy and manufactured by ShadeTECH.

This quiet and smart motorised track is simple to install and can be operated using WT (Hardwired) or DCT (Dry Contact Technology).

With a maximum load weight of 60Kg this motorised track is ideal for the more heavy duty curtain projects. Available in straight and bent options up to 10m long, larger tracks available on request.

Movelite™ 35

Comfort has never been so accessible with the Movelite™ 35 which is designed to perform silently and blend discreetly into any interior.

This light weight motor and track system can also be operated on a WireFree system and comes in the WT (Hardwired) or DCT (Dry Contact Technology) variations.

With both straight and bent track options, this motor carries weights of up to 35Kg and a length of 10m or more. Perfect for lighter projects while still providing a discreet, smooth motion operation.

Glydea 60 Spec
Movelite 35 Spec
Glydea - Web Lead

Plug-and-Play Curtain Motorisation by Somfy

  • Easy installation of your Somfy Electric Curtain track
  • Up to 10m in length - longer available on request.
  • Suitable for curtain weights up to 60kg
  • Suitable for use in bay window projects.
  • No need to hand draw heavy or hard to reach curtains.
  • Includes Touch-motion “tug-to-operate” feature.
  • Smooth, quiet operation and the ability to set a favourite position with your Smoove wall switch or Somfy remote.
  • Motor can be fitted upside down to fit into ceiling cavity (great advantage for sheer curtains).
  • Reliable Somfy motor with a full 5 year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Many ways to control, additional options including smartphone control, Amazon Alexa and Google Home automation through Somfy Tahoma
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Bracket Options

Depending on location and installation access, there are a selection of brackets to choose from:

  • Swivel Brackets - An industry standard for fitting motorised tracks to the ceiling.
  • 1-Touch Brackets - A spring loaded bracket, for top fixing tracks.
  • Wall Bracket - The basic wall bracket for installations where the track will be face fixed.
  • Double Wall Bracket - For installations that will have two sets of curtains running together.
  • Steel Square Bracket - A beautiful addition to the face fix option. These brackets are strong and durable but also look amazing.

Control Options

We have a wide range of control options for all motorised products on the Somfy systems:

  • Single Channel Remote - For individual curtains and blinds.
  • Multi Channel Remote - For areas with multiple remote controlled systems up to 5 individual channels.
  • 16 Channel Remote - Ideal for large installations where many individual settings and blinds will be in use.
  • Tahoma Switch - This product becomes your central operating system and can be used with your phone, voice control and personalised settings.
  • Connectivity Kit - A smaller version of the home control system with similar but limited features.

Other Track Types

Decor Track - Thumb

Décor Track

Decor Pole - Thumb

Décor Pole

Decor Flat - Thumb

Décor Flat