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ShadeTECH are the leading Irish Stockist and distributor of Blindspace products & profiles. We continuously assist architects, designers, contractors and trade partners with concealed blinds in almost any type of window.

We have extensive knowledge of the Blindspace range from standard and custom blind boxes - to solutions for recess flush mounted manual and electric curtain tracks.

What is Blindspace?

Blindspace has a unique and patented design where blinds are accessible when required, and fully concealed behind an integrated closure panel that simply clicks out and snaps shut. The blind operates through a discrete slot in the wall or ceiling and completely disappears when not in use.

Where Can I use BlindSpace?

Blindspace solutions can be used to house single or multiple blinds in windows, doors, gables and skylights. Popular combinations for dual blinds are privacy/blackout, insect screen/shading and insect screen/blackout. Boxes can be installed as headboxes only or as three- or four-sided frames on all sides of the opening.

From the smallest window to the largest skylight, with early planning it is possible to hide any blind. For new-builds, all windows can be future-proofed for blinds to be installed later.

When Should You Contact Us?

To maximize your opportunity, contact ShadeTECH early in your project. We provide design support, technical drawings, products and services, helping you achieve a great finish; resulting in very happy end users.

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About Blindspace

Founded in Sweden in 2016, Blindspace designs and manufactures solutions to conceal blinds and recess curtain tracks for both residential and commercial applications. The company’s simple philosophy is to enable shading, privacy and blackout in any room, with minimal visual impact.

Blindspace is independently owned and operated from Gothenburg, Sweden. The company started when founder Gaius Guest recognised the need for new solutions to hide blinds as no solutions were readily available. Today, Blindspace is available in more than 20 countries.

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Recessed Curtain Tracks

Reese™ is a recessed curtain track solution that is built into the ceiling during construction. Curtain track systems from Somfy® can be fitted inside the Reese track when construction work is completed. When installed, curtains hang below the track close to the finished ceiling.

Tracks and end sets are available with chamfered edges and with skim coat flanges, depending on ceiling type. Tracks and end sets can be emulsion painted to perfectly match the ceiling.

Reese Track Parts

Useful Information on BlindSpace

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BlindSpace® S110x130
for Large Standard Roller Blind

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BlindSpace® S100x100
for Medium Standard Roller Blind

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S Series
Standard For Hiding Roller Blinds

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Reese Tracks
Recess Somfy Curtain Tracks

Blindspace provides a design solution, enabling me to seamlessly incorporate the option for concealed blinds into my projects, allowing for us to retain our design vision.

- Architect

Blindspace saves me time and ensure millimetre precision, when asked to provide space for blinds or to recess curtain tracks. We have used Blindspace products in multiple projects.

- Contractor